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UK’s New Energy Security Strategy: What Does it Mean for Climate Change?

The UK Government has released, just days after the latest IPPC report, the new Energy Security Strategy. The strategy includes increased targets for offshore wind, solar, hydrogen and nuclear power generation and is setting out a long-term plan to achieve energy independence.

The Government aims to achieve a “major acceleration of home-grown power generation” and expects to reach a 95% low-carbon electricity generation mix by 2030.

More ambition for offshore wind generation

The UK’s new Energy Security Strategy aims to accelerate offshore wind generation from 40GW to 50GW by 2030 with up to 5GW coming from offshore wind in deeper seas. To meet this target the government will introduce planning reforms to cut the consent time from four years to 12 months.

Additionally, the strategy confirms that the UK Government aims to develop local partnerships with supportive communities that are happy to host onshore wind farms in return for lower energy bills.

Increased solar capacity and hydrogen production

On solar capacity, the strategy sees the potential for a fivefold increase by 2035 and confirms that the Government wishes to consult on planning regulations to support the deployment of solar panels on domestic and commercial properties.

The strategy also aims to double its hydrogen production from 5GW to 10GW of “green” and “blue” hydrogen by 2030 and identifies this as a key “clean” energy source.

New energy advice service for small businesses

The Government will launch a new energy advice service for small businesses and, in a few weeks, we can expect more details about new energy performance standards varying by building type.

The final Strategy pages are dedicated to energy efficiency, but this chapter only reiterates existing commitments and targets rather than raising ambitions. Meeting the public’s expectations and building popular support for the net-zero transition, is also highlighted in the final pages.

Progress made but challenges remain…

To secure a safer and cleaner future, ambitious policy needs to be quickly turned into action. Investing in renewables and energy efficiency remains the smarter choice.

Now is the time to act and clearly demonstrate immediate steps to reach zero emissions as quickly as possible. Join our #NetZeroKnowHow Campaign and subscribe to download our free guide aimed at helping property owners, operators and occupiers on their NetZero journey.

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