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Join our campaign for #NetZeroKnowHow across the Commercial Real Estate market

We’re facing a critical period between 2020 and 2030, and the construction industry’s contribution is significant. The climate emergency requires immediate commitments, and that means transitioning to Net Zero Carbon.  

Starting your net zero journey now will provide a clear picture of the investment required and your organisation can take advantage of the significant opportunities to capitalise on the transition to a low-carbon economy. 

Creative Building Performance is helping Smaller Businesses, Property Investors and Property Owners by launching the #NetZeroKnowHow Campaign. The first instalment is a free and open-source guide to help you on your journey to Net Zero Carbon for both new and existing buildings. 

#NetZeroKnowHow Guide sets out some simple steps to help real estate firms move towards net zero carbon. It provides critical information in a form that is easy to comprehend. 


  • Step 1 - Measure

  • Step 2 - Data Review

  • Step 3 - Set Targets

  • Step 4 - Reporting

  • Step 5 - Ongoing Monitoring

Our #NetZeroKnowHow FREE GUIDE will provide your organisation with some useful information towards achieve net zero carbon.

Now is the time to act and clearly demonstrate immediate steps to reach zero emissions as quickly as possible.

Subscribe and get your free copy of our guide. 

**Please note that we will never share your data with third parties. 

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