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ESG Strategy

We support your organisation to understand the ESG risks and opportunities available, prioritising strategies to drive growth, efficiency and resilience, ensuring responsible business principles are at the core of your operations.


We appreciate that every client is at their own stage on their ESG journey with their own motivations, challenges and goals. Creative Building Performance provides a set of competencies that help our clients find the best pathway and tools to realise the sustainable value of their assets. 

Whether your organisation is new to ESG or already implementing an ESG strategy, we can help you optimise the process and get the most out of your ESG investment. Rest assured our clients’ ESG strategies will be aligned to industry best practices and government regulations.

An ESG strategy is used to shape the investment approach delivering best value across a range of  targeted outcomes and measures across Environment, Social and Governance themes. Tracking underpins the successful implementation of the strategy with appropriate metrics, timescales and communication mechanisms to engage stakeholders at the asset and community level.


Sustainability policies are developing quickly particularly in line with the UK Government mandate for Net Zero GHG emissions by 2050 but also around the wider climate related disclosures and social value. 

As the regulatory landscape around ESG unfolds, businesses are taking the lead in the transition to a low carbon economy, with ESG influencing the way companies do business. 

Our advice aligns with the latest guidance including UN SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals), The Better Buildings Partnership Responsible Property Management Toolkit, UKGBC Net Zero Carbon Framework, and Streamlined Energy and Carbon Reporting (SECR) amongst others.

Social Value

A meaningful ESG strategy is also focused on the “S” (social) of ESG and involves delivering targeted outcomes and measures for the community.  

For many organisations this is an easier strand to tackle and something that is being executed well. What we can bring is enhanced stakeholder engagement by leveraging tailored technology solutions to effectively measure and communicate performance around activities such as recruitment and training, community outreach as well as emission and waste reduction. 

Social value transparency and ESG reporting are becoming key areas of sustainability in the real estate sector.  Creative Building Performance will help your organisation implement an ESG strategy that leads to consistency and ongoing improvement.

Health & Wellbeing

Health and wellbeing as major components of the ESG strategy are influencing responsible investors’ decisions. We recognise that each building and its occupiers are unique and our approach to health and wellbeing ensures that the most appropriate measurement and reporting frameworks are selected for our clients. 

The workforce has already identified health and wellbeing as a key factor in career decisions, and investors are looking at the “health footprint” of their portfolios. By embracing the broad influence an organisation has on health and well-being, leaders will be able to create a resilient workforce for the future. Investing in health and wellbeing will not only benefit the individuals, but also creates a stepping stone to success.


In collaboration with our clients, we will set out what data they want to be communicated, in what format and how that information should be published. We can advise on enhancing data infrastructure to automate acquisition where appropriate. Our methods for automating the collection and management of data reduces the burden of time and resource associated with the manual collection, collation and reporting. 

Creative Building Performance has developed an Insight Platform which is used to communicate the information being collected in a digestible format to different stakeholder groups. 

The CBP Insight Platform is an online tool to measure, report, track and highlight all data related to your business's ESG commitments. It reports on cost indicators and measures performance against goals, in an online solution that's accessible and easy to use by all stakeholders in your business.

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