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CBP Insight Platform
'How to' videos

Our 'How to' videos are aimed at helping those who have registered with the CBP Insight Platform to get up and running quickly. You will learn how to add assets, navigate the platform and view graphs and reports.  

'How to' videos
1.1 Creating an Asset (Basic)
1.2 Creating an Asset (Detailed)
1.3 Portfolios
1.4 Trajectory Graphs
1.5 Handling Data
1.6 Tenants
1.7 Dashboards
1.8 Insights
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Book a live demo

Take advantage of the opportunity to set up a live demo with Creative Building Performance consultants, where questions around functionality can be answered.


Email to enquire or use the button below. 

Need more support?

The CBP Insight Platform is aimed at helping those responsible for decarbonising a portfolio of buildings and those responsible for Carbon, Energy, Sustainability or ESG reporting. It was created to make decarbonising a portfolio of buildings easier, along with setting goals and tracking progress. With this in mind, we want to provide as much support as possible, to get you up and running on the platform quickly. If you think you would benefit from an initial chat about the CBP Insight Platform or have further questions, please use the links below. 

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