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Meet the Founder of Creative Building Performance

With over 25 years in Sustainable Building Design and Operation, I am passionate about Performance. Through a unique combination of buildings knowledge and in house technology capability Creative Building Performance is ideally positioned to upskill organisations to take control of their Environment, Social and Governance goals.


I am a CIBSE Chartered Building Services Engineer and a Dr of Engineering specializing in interdisciplinary collaboration, design optimization, technology application and sustainable buildings.


I was a Building Services and Simulation Consultant with Atkins for 12 years. Whilst there I gained experience of working on projects around the world including the Burj Al Arab in Dubai and DEFRA Headquarters in London. I was responsible for setting up a Centre of Excellence for Dynamic Simulation providing training and support for Engineers across the company.


More recently I was with Integrated Environmental Solutions, IES Ltd, culminating in my role as Associate Director and Head of Global Sales. During my 14 years with the company I have developed my skills in understanding clients needs and helping them to successfully implement the IES Technology within their businesses.


I completed a BEng Hons in Building Design Engineering Strathclyde University in 1995. I then went on to undertake an Engineering Doctorate at Uuniversity College Londons VR Centre, sponsored by Atkins, my employer at the time. I completed my doctorate titled ‘Interdisciplinary Collaboration for Sustainable Design’ in 2009. You can find out a bit more about the research here Sarah Graham (


Key experience of regulatory and voluntary requirements Building Regulations, BREEAM, LEED, Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG), WELL. Dynamic Simulation. Decarbonisation. Digital Skills. Interdisciplinary collaboration. Building Information Modelling. Building Services Engineering.  

"We see a world where any business regardless of size, turnover or geographical location can access valuable information, guidance and skills to enable them to make the right decisions in terms of Environmental, Social and Governance and to be able to easily communicate their ESG performance to their customers."

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Creative Building Performance provides consultancy services to businesses that are looking to take charge of their ESG journey and plan for achieving Net Zero. With increased regulation likely in the future, our consultancy services will help our clients future-proof their business and save money through establishing KPIs, measuring, tracking and reporting. 

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Creative Building Performance offers technology solutions focused around ESG and achieving Net Zero. Our software solutions enable clients to take control of asset performance, reduce risk, set goals, and actively manage planning and implementation of improvements to guarantee ROI. What gets measured, gets managed.

"Our mission is to empower individuals and organisations to take control of their KPIs with simple, insightful tools and training concerning data science and UNSDGs data analytics for Net Zero and ESG."

Digital Skills

ESG is a fast changing landscape and we believe that improving the digital skills of all stakeholders in your business is a key factor in the successful implementation of ESG strategies. Our online courses aim to help your business upskill and our bespoke training services can provide a more detailed tailored approach. 

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Data Intelligence

Through a unique combination of building knowledge and in-house technology capability, we make sure our clients get the most out of their data. Using a combination of technologies we enable clients to take control of asset performance, reduce risk, set goals, and actively manage planning and implementation of improvements to guarantee ROI.

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Our blog includes insights and updates from the ever-changing landscape of ESG, Net Zero and Sustainability. Get useful information, tips  and tricks to help your business capitalise on its transition to low carbon or Net Zero.

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Sustainability Reporting

Creative Building Performance helps businesses improve sustainability performance and understand ESG reporting standards and guidelines. Our sustainability reporting is an effective way of enabling your organisation to communicate the ESG performance to stakeholders and measure the ESG performance against risks and opportunities.

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ESG Strategy

Whether your organisation is new to ESG or already implementing an ESG strategy, we can help by providing a deeper understanding of the ESG opportunities and risks, prioritising strategies to drive growth, efficiency and resilience, ensuring responsible business principles are at the core of your operations.


Our #NetZeroKnowHow guide sets out simple steps to getting started on your Net Zero journey.

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