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Sustainability Reporting

We help our clients understand sustainability and ESG reporting standards and guidelines, improve sustainability performance and enable transparency. We apply knowledge, responsibility expertise, and technology solutions to establish good reporting practices and make sustainable reporting a valuable reference for the whole reporting cycle.

What is sustainability reporting?


Our sustainability reporting encompasses quantitative and qualitative disclosures to measure an organisation’s ESG performance against risks and opportunities. It’s also a communication tool that enables companies to be more transparent about risks and opportunities. Sustainability reporting is an effective way of enabling companies to communicate their ESG performance to stakeholders. 

ESG reporting, in particular, provides a clear picture of the business’s impact in the three areas (environmental, social and corporate governance) for investors.

Why is sustainability and ESG reporting important? 

High-quality ESG reporting builds trust with stakeholders and demonstrates that a company understands how ESG criteria affects its ability to create long-term value. Future-focused companies with strong ESG performance have demonstrated higher ROI, better resiliency and lower risks. Improved sustainability can also enhance internal management and provide access to capital markets. 
Another reason why sustainability reporting is important is that it provides organisations with an opportunity to be transparent and to improve brand reputation, which can present a favourable position to investors. 


CBP Insight Platform as a tool for sustainability and ESG reporting

We offer our clients online technological solutions focused around a wide range of ESG metrics, including Net Zero Carbon, at asset and portfolio level.  Our software solutions enable clients to take control of asset performance, reduce risk, set goals, and actively manage planning and implementation of improvements to guarantee ROI.
The CBP Platform is an online tool to measure, report, track and highlight all data related to your business's ESG commitments. We can support clients in upskilling their workforce around ESG and Net Zero commitments, in turn this enables clients to take control of their own performance metrics and manage them over time. Clients gain insight and knowledge strengthening their position when seeking advice from the market. 

The CBP Insight Platform is used to gather all the relevant data in one place and to deliver the right information to the right people, at the right time, in the right format. 

The CBP Insight Platform is a tool focusing on collaboration that can be used by investors, owners, operators, occupiers and consultants to interact, share information and make it easier to execute the necessary actions. 

Sustainability Reporting: Our Services
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