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Achieving Good Building Performance

Updated: Jun 28, 2021

At Creative Building Performance we help organisations find the perfect balance between convenience and positive impact to help make a difference. We offer Consultancy and Technology Solutions Training for organisations to simplify decision making, and reduce risk in an ever changing landscape of regulatory requirements, technology and market drivers.

We work closely with businesses to help them embrace change and deliver long term value for their customers by embedding KPIs into their processes.

How to achieve good building performance

We all use wearable tech in our day to day lives to track our own performance - heart rate, sleep quality, calories burnt. We have smart cars that park themselves and heat up before we leave the house.

What if it were that easy to apply similar capabilities to our buildings? What if our buildings could tell us at any point in their operation, why energy bills are high, why staff are dissatisfied, and what the recycling percentage is? Our Consultancy services can give you insight into what good building performance looks like whilst investigating your aspirations for the buildings you design, own or operate.

There is a wealth of tools and processes deployed across the Asset lifecycle and one of the greatest challenges is maintaining focus on performance goals throughout.

How we work

While BIM and soft landings provide a framework and structured data; interfaces between the tools can be restrictive when it comes to communicating performance at different stages, particularly in operation. Our ethos is to assist in achieving good performance post-handover. You will be provided with the relevant reports but also the tools to move your project forward. Our service doesn’t only focus on what needs to be done and why. We define how and who, to ensure the building performance success you are looking for.

We understand that accountability is a fundamental factor in the successful implementation of policies and processes that will make your operations more efficient and reduce your environmental impacts.

About our company

We are a Consultancy offering advice and support to Investors, Owners, Designers, Managers and Occupiers on building performance monitoring and targeting, founded by Dr Sarah Graham.

With 25 years in the design and operation of sustainable buildings, Dr Sarah Graham is passionate about performance.

As a Chartered Building Services Engineer and a Doctor of Engineering, she is experienced in the application of tools and processes designed to deliver better buildings.

Dr Sarah Graham: “One of the key success factors is to bring people along on that journey.”

With the advancement of technology and the drive to ‘build back better’, we see an opportunity to help investors/owners/operators/users of the built environment to achieve their goals.

How we can help your business

Implement repeatable and automated processes where appropriate to drive organisations forward

Evaluate a comprehensive list of performance metrics/criteria/requirements – BREEAM, LEED, WELL, GRESB, SASB, ESG, TCFD, NABERS, BBP RPMT

Select appropriate KPIs for your business, your assets, your project and what matters most to your clients

Set metrics for each KPI

Set better business goals

Establish a baseline data

Factor in what is coming in terms of legislation, market trends, (sensitivity analysis)

Evaluate risk of acting early

Weight market values using a mix of both hard and soft metrics

Data collection analysis

Implement Customised Technology Solutions that bring performance goals to life

Publish ESG journey to stakeholder groups

Implement automated reporting

In our upcoming insights and events, we will explore all things building performance related from energy and carbon, to well-being days and beyond. As we have seen a rise in smart tech for buildings, we will be reviewing some of the tools and technology on our journey. Keep an eye on our website and social media pages for regular updates.

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