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Construction Scotland Innovation Centre at COP26

Dr Sarah Graham, founder of Creative Building Performance, has been accepted as an Innovation Champion for Construction Scotland Innovation Centre and will be part of an expert pool of leaders from which CSIC can draw information as it continues to supercharge innovation across the construction industry.

As an Innovation Champion for CSIC, her role involves evaluating applications and providing recommendations on funding, as well as providing advice on future opportunities. CSIC rely on industry and academic champions to help discuss priorities, shape campaigns, influence funding challenges and lead in innovation.

Firstly, in this role, we would like to highlight Construction Scotland Innovation Centre’s involvement at COP26 - the 26th climate change conference hosted by the UK in partnership with Italy. During COP26, Construction Scotland Innovation Centre will be an exciting hub of inspiration, learning and action for the built environment to accelerate to net zero. Their Innovation Factory, located in the southeast of Glasgow, will host innovative exhibits and a range of events and experiences.

Below, we highlight some of the things CSIC will be bringing to COP26.

Construction Scotland Innovation Centre’s Innovation Factory

CSIC Innovation Factory is the UK construction industry’s first dedicated digital manufacturing, prototyping & future skills centre of excellence.

The 35,000 sq. ft. facility is designed to support construction related businesses to collaborate and innovate. Inside there is state-of-the-art equipment ranging from the UK’s only vacuum press to 3D technology and robotics.

SNRG - Scotland's first homegrown home

The SNRG COP26 demonstrator is a two-story, state-of-the-art volumetric home that will take visitors on a journey to explore what a zero-carbon smart home of the future looks like and why using renewable natural resources is not only essential for our environment but has significant societal and economic benefits.

The home was designed and built using modern methods of construction (MMC) to Passivhaus standards. It is the first cross-laminated, nail-laminated and glue-laminated timber housing unit using materials grown, harvested and engineered in Scotland.

The SNRG Courtyard will include 110 private dwellings sharing communal amenities and an abundance of biodiversity. Each home is connected to a renewable solar and battery micro-grid and thus fully electric and fossil fuel free.

GenZero- The next generation of net-zero UK school designs, with long-term, whole-life value in mind

GenZero is a project to create new, improved design standards for school buildings with the aim of making them net zero. The GenZero prototype will be exhibited at Construction Scotland Innovation Centre for the duration of COP26. The prototype will demonstrate a classroom setting and will be used for further research.

EXSKALLERATE- Bringing exoskeletons to construction and manufacturing SMEs

The EXSKALLERATE project will increase the adoption of exoskeletons by the manufacturing and building industry. This will reduce occupational health issues and enhance SME competitiveness in the countries in the North Sea Region while creating a worldwide leading exoskeleton ecosystem.

These are just a few highlights of what’s on offer. To learn more and read the full descriptions of these exhibits, visit their website:

Events and Conferences

Construction Scotland Innovation Centre is running a programme of curated events and conferences at COP26. With more events being added to the programme, it’s best to keep an eye on their social media. These events will cover a wide range of industry topics including:

  • Scotland’s Contribution to COP26

  • The use of timber in construction and how it is growing in use as the zero-carbon construction material of the future

  • Wood innovation and its use with urbanisation, architecture, climate change and forest conservation

  • Zero carbon construction and the solutions, skills, materials and processes that already exist and can be utilised across the industry

COP26 Built Environment Virtual Pavilion

If you can’t visit in person but still want to be a part of COP26, the COP26 Built Environment Virtual Pavilion will host online events and feature speakers from across the global industry with a range of expertise. Topics of discussion will include quantifying the cost of inaction, planning for transport and connectivity, decarbonising the UK’s housing stock, sustainable city regions, empowering young people to become climate aware and more. The programme of the COP26 Built Environment Virtual Pavilion can be found here.

There is no charge for any of the CSIC’s events or to tour the exhibits. Visit their website for more info about their programme of events.

We’re all looking forward to this major event in Glasgow!

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